The Preaching and Teaching form Mayflower Congregational UCC of Oklahoma City

Care Team

The Mayflower Care Team provides pastoral care/ ministry to members who need a caring presence and support during difficult times.

These individuals, using strict rules of confidentiality, provide ministry appropriate to the context in which a member of the church experiences a need, and indicates that the help of the Care Team is desired. These dedicated "under shepherds" work together with the ministers to extend the reach of the church in those situations when pastoral care is needed--whether it's a job change, a personal crisis, a death in the family, or circumstances which call for a concerned, empathic presence.

If you or a family member is facing surgery, illness, crisis, or any other life situation and you would like a contact from the Care Team, simply call the church office at 405-842-8897, to request the blessing of our outreach ministry.