The Preaching and Teaching form Mayflower Congregational UCC of Oklahoma City


Mayflower stands proudly in the tradition of non-fundamentalist Christian education for children, youth, and adults. We operate on the principle that kids are instinctively spiritual and that they should grow naturally into an awareness of their own religious tradition without fear or exclusive. We believe, just like with adults, that that the most important thing we can teach our kids is how to live lives based on values like love, compassion and generosity…in other words, to become “followers of Jesus”.

Mayflower Kids Sunday School beginning at 10 am. This is a more structured study time with curriculum, but also includes spiritual and physical activities like yoga! Our children’s program is primarily operated by volunteers. Parental involvement is essential and encouraged. Parents are always welcome to attend class with their children and we would love for you to be part of the rotation of teachers or as a substitute.

We also offer Vacation Bible School, Kids Choir, a carnival in the spring, and other special events!

When your child is crying

Parents with young children: For your convenience our Nursery/Cry Room is wired for sound. If you're in the Sanctuary and your child is crying, please take them to the Cry Room where you may continue to listen to services and care for your child.

For Nursing Mothers

Nursing mothers: If you wish to nurse your child somewhere other than the Sanctuary, we provide a “comfort corner” in the Nursery, where you may nurse your child and continue to listen to services. A curtain is also available for those who prefer more privacy.