Building Use

Please review the following Building Use Policy BEFORE proceeding to the Building Use Form.

Policy on Use of Building and Property

Updated March 2010

Mayflower is pleased to make available its building for meetings and gatherings of individuals, groups and organizations subject to availability and strict adherence to the following conditions as approved by the Board of Deacons.

A link to the form to request use of the facilities is located at the bottom this webpage. The form must be completed by the person(s) making the request prior to use of building. After completion of the form, it will automatically be forwarded to the Church Office for processing. The Board of Deacons meets the second Sunday of every month and Building Use Requests are addressed at those meetings. You will be notified by e-mail of the Board’s decision. Inability to meet the time requirements of the Deacon’s meeting or emergency use of building may be addressed by calling the church office at 405-842-8897 and talking with the Church Secretary, Helen Sullivan.

Areas of the Mayflower building available for use:

  1. The Sanctuary
  2. Milligan Hall – large multiple use room with AV equipment
  3. Parlor – furnished like a living room
  4. Library – long conference table and chairs
  5. Kitchen – fully equipped

The following provisions will be agreed to and followed:

  1. At no time are weapons of any type allowed on the Mayflower premises or in the Mayflower building proper.
  2. Tobacco usage (including smokeless tobacco) within the Mayflower building is not allowed.
  3. While some Mayflower sponsored events may allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages, Alcohol usage at any event sanctioned as part of this usage policy, is prohibited.
  4. The requested space will be inspected before and after use by the Church Sexton. Any damage to the building will be reported immediately to the church office. Any damage to the building will be evaluated; repair estimates obtained, and the cost of repairs will be charged back to the sponsoring organization or individuals who requested use of property.
  5. Mayflower property may not be used for any for-profit venture.
  6. Mayflower property may be used for not-for-profit fund raising events only by Mayflower sponsored groups or organizations such as, Youth Events, Choir, 363, etc. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  7. Mayflower property will not be used for any partisan political organizations or functions. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  8. Mayflower sponsored organizations or groups are exempt from the usage fee outlined below.
  9. Organizations not sponsored by Mayflower, but including Mayflower members in the organizations are exempt from the usage fees as long as a Mayflower member requests use of building in their name and attends the function. Example such as a book review club with Mayflower member or members in club and attending the event.


Fee TypePrepayment AmountRefundable DepositTotal Payment
General Usage Fee $50.00 $0.00 $50.00
Kitchen Surcharge $75.00 $25.00 $50.00
Sexton Surcharge $25.00 $0.00 $25.00

  1. There will be a $50.00 usage fee payable to Mayflower Church for any space requested unless your group etc. meets the exempt category outlined above. Sections 8 & 9
  2. If the kitchen area is to be used, an additional $75.00 prepayment will be required. $25.00 will be returned after the area is inspected by the Sexton and all linen is returned to the church. The remaining $50.00 is considered a usage fee and payable to the Church Guild. The kitchen must be left clean, with all items replaced in their proper place and with all linens washed, ironed and returned to the church within one week. This kitchen fee is in addition to the General Usage Fee.
  3. If the services of the Church Sexton are used, such as arranging a room, setting up tables and chairs, there will be a $25.00 fee payable to the Church Sexton. This fee is in addition to any other fee charged but is not applicable in the exempt categories, Sections 8 & 9.

The Mayflower Board of Deacons reserves the right to refuse any request it believes conflicts with the mission of the church and all decisions of the Board are final and not reviewable.

Approved by the Mayflower Board of Deacons March 2010.

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